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The Open Source Beehives Project is a network of citizen scientists that use sensor-enhanced beehives to identify the causes of and solutions to the decline in bee populations throughout the world. We believe that open source collaboration and open data are tools we can all use to directly address the pressing issues of the day.


By listening to the bees themselves, by monitoring hive audio signals, we are learning to identify the unique qualities within their sound and correlate them with hive states. For example, colonies that are about to swarm have unique audio signatures that we can identify. With custom hardware, you can monitor the activity of your hive remotely. The goal is to identify the unique sounds of hives that are in a near-collapsed state, so that we can correlate those signals as effects of the hypothesized causes. We also want to give you advanced warning that your bees are in danger, so that you can intervene and possibly save the colony.


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